Financial Industry


Financial Market Analysis

The modeling and investigation of financial markets on the bases of goods and sectors help the decision-making process of both financial sector and real sector actors. In this context, ENAGrup offers continued research services to corporate bodies.

Optimum Portfolio Solutions

With its extensive knowledge and experience in corporate treasury, ENAGrup provides consulting services through research in portfolio management and applicable advanced modeling

Modeling Macroeconomic Risk

Despite being able to manage internal risk, many firms either disregard or resort to commonly-known methods when it comes to risks that do not concern themselves directly. ENAGrup offers advanced modeling and consulting services to firms for the measurement of external macroeconomic factors

FinTech Solutions

Solutions in financial technologies, commonly referred to as FinTech, are offered to firms both in terms of products and consulting services, tailored to the demand and needs of the consumer by ENAGrup.

The Measurement and Tolerance of Risk

Most firms prefer traditional methods in risk measurement. ENAGrup, with its know-how, provides advanced risk management tools and consulting services to businesses. The measurement of internal external risks will constitute an essential foundation of an efficient management of institutions.

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