Inflation and Price Reporting

ENAGroup, with its technology and database, prepares product, sectoral and macroeconomic inflation and dynamic price reports and presents them to the public.

Price Strategy and Optimization

ENAGrup offers companies the opportunity to optimize their prices and maximize their revenues and profits with the econometric models that it has compiled and built with the data it has.

Demand Analysis and Forecast

Using our fast and high-frequency data collection and processing capacity, we offer detailed demand analysis, taking into account various factors such as parametric approaches and seasonality and trends, and we estimate the magnitudes, directions and timings of factors affecting demand.

Strategy and Planning

Mathematical and statistical models built by ENAGrup; It not only measures the impact of the decisions made and the actions taken, but also estimates the results and effects of the decisions to be made in the future, and presents the decisions to the companies with scientific methods and quantitative models to reach the targeted place.

Integrated Market Modeling

ENAGgroup, with its Integrated Marketing Models, examines critical marketing problems with sector and company risk factors, taking into account the spending budget constraint, and reveals the answer to the question of what kind of marketing strategy should be established in numerical terms.