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Inflation and Price Reporting

ENAGrup prepares inflation and dynamic price reports, containing product-level, sectoral and macroeconomic analysis through their technology and database. Recognizing the importance of the tracking of price changes of markets and sectors, ENAGrup strives to create value to companies in this area.

Price Strategy and Optimization

Stressing the importance of prices beyond equating supply and demand or production and consumption, ENAGrup provides consulting services to institutions and businesses.
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Demand Analysis and Forecasting

Demand, or the tendency to consume, is the primary driving force of revenue for firms. Consumer demand is affected by many variables and factors in the market.

Strategy and Planning

Rapid changes and fluctuations in the market make the decision-making processes of firms complex and consequently inefficient, making it difficult for these businesses to determine the impact and efficiency of their decisions. This in turn complicates the future decision-making process.

Integrated Market Modeling

he efficient analysis of consumer behavior is an important step for increasing revenue. ENAGrup offers a quantitative basis for an optimal marketing strategy, considering budget constraints and analyzing critical marketing issues together with sectoral and institutional risk factors.