Retail Industry


ENAGrup has the ability and capacity of processing big data rapidly and frequently, with its software developed internally. The econometric models built atop the data facilitates the analysis of retail markets on a global scale. ENAGrup captures changing conditions, surrounding factors, and trends through its econometric models and offers an action plan accordingly. The analyses of the retail sector feature:

Daily Price Inflation Reports

The analysis of product-level and sector-level high-frequency price data aids efficient decision-making in the context of realized inflation.

Price Competition Models

ENAGrup offers recommendations on proper pricing, price differentiation, and positioning through the utilization of market data (competing prices, market volume and demand analysis). These recommendations balance supply and demand for firms, optimizing their internal economies, driving up decision-making efficiency, and maximizing sales revenue.

Measurement of Decision Efficiency

ENAGrup provides the quantitative measurement of decision-making efficiency through the evaluation of the impact of firms’ decisions on their revenues and goals. Building on market data, ENAGrup forecasts the possible impacts of future decisions with a parametric approach, facilitating the decision-making process.

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